Pruning Works


Pruning cherry and cherry plantations, young and old plantations.


  • fixed rate arrangement
  • including all the use of materials


Wages Gradings


Sorting of sweet cherries using an optical sorting machine Stas firm nv.


  • sorting up to 2 mm
  • opportunities to purchase and marketing of your cherries (no obligation)
  • sorting kiwiberry, Mirabelle plums, blueberries, plums, etc.












Optical sorting machines

This electronic cherry sorter sorts the cherries on size and color. With the additional option can also be sorted by quality. This has the bad cherries with cracks and cherries that rot out.



The sorting method is as follows

Cherries come in a pond right where they are singulated by means of centrifugal force. Then they end up on the tape where the quality control is carried out and removed the bad cherries.

From the time that the cherries are sorted on quality, the cherries are measured optically. they are transported to the set output at the end of the sort, after which they are blown off with compressed air.


This sorting machines can also be used for sorting kiwi berries, Mirabelle plums, blueberries, plums, etc.



Follow up and supervision of the cultivation



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