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Depa-Fruit is after five years grown one of the larger producers of cherry trees in Europe. This is due to the fact that Depa not only makes cherry trees, but they produce also cherries and prunes, they sort, pack and sell the product for other famers. Moreover, Depa supply good quality and is available for customers 24 hours a day. Depa provide advice and help the farmers about fertilization, cultivation and spraying. The company has a tumultuous growth in recent years. The company has now fifteen-hectare production cherries year round and there are eight people working on the farm, supplemented in the harvest period with a forty employees.


All new plantings come under rain covers. This is not without reason. Rain hoods require an investment of 50,000 to 70,000 euros per hectare but this contribute to a higher productivity, better quality and less failure.


Also the cherry trees are easily sold. Where the company five years ago, even produces 10,000 cherry trees per year, the annual production is now at 350,000 trees. Growers almost automatically come back because Depa Fruit offers high quality parties. Due to the good quality, in combination with a good after-service growers have once bought nearly always come back."

Your cherry tree nursery where quality precedence over quantity


Along with monitoring the cultivation of the fruit growers at home and abroad in foreign countries are also locally trained people.

These can on their own cherry grower in Belgium also have a training for several months of the year to get the right tricks of the cherry growing below the knee.


Sweet cherries


Depa-Fruit cultivates many types of licenses, such as Sweetheart, Samba, Tamara, Vanda and Carmen. These are supplied to growers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Romania.

Peter Durlet


"After-service is a key word in our company, advice about plantations, planting systems, variety selection, pruning advice, ... are just some of the services offered. As a result of the very good quality, in combination with a good after-sales service, the cherry producers always return. "


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